During a summer, the well-known village of Rossinière, situated at the symbolic limit of the altitude of 1000 meters, in the foothills of the Alps, proposes ten exhibitions of contemporary photography, to be housed at rustic sites that evoke past ways of life. However, far removed from touristic postcards, Alt. +1000 proposes a promenade through the work of contemporary imagemakers who treat altitude in various angles, poetic, documentary and artistic.

The village of Rossinière is reputed for its 17th and 18th century architecture and its verdant setting, characteristic of the Pays-d’Enhaut. Alt. +1000 contrasts this vernacular village identity with the questioning, inquisitive and provocative viewpoints of the artists. The route through the heart of the village invites visitors – from Switzerland and abroad – to admire works as well as places.… + read more

© Klavdij SLUBAN Hauteville house Maison Victor Hugo Guernesey 2013
© Klavdij SLUBAN

Save the date this summer in Rossinière for two workshops with Klavdij Sluban. Register now!

Alt. +1000, the festival of contemporary photography in Rossinière, Switzerland, organizes two workshops with the French photographer Klavidj Sluban. During the week of July 14 till 17 and the one of August 25 till 28, both professional and passionate amateur… + read more

© Penelope Umbrico
© Penelope Umbrico

The Alt+1000 competition is now online !

The Alt+1000 festival is pleased to welcome you for it Fourth edition in Rossinière the 12 of July for the opening week. 2015 thematic Territory.
The Alt+1000 competition is now online !
Join before January 31st, 2015… + read more

© Penelope Umbrico, 2013

Over 700 visitors took part in the Penelope Umbrico’s collaborative project!

The American artist Penelope Umbrico has received on her smartphone over 700 photographs of Rossinière, taken during the festival. The participants will soon receive their picture “revisited” by the artist. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, here is… + read more