Workshop 2013

Workshop 2013

Alt. +1000, the festival of contemporary photography in Rossinière, Switzerland, organizes a workshop with the famous British photographer Simon Roberts. During the week of August 26th, both professional and amateur photographers were invited to share and explore their visions of photography in the beautiful landscape of the Swiss Alps.

About Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts (b.1974) is a British photographer based in the UK. He originally studied a BA Hons Degree in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield (1996), a subject which has informed much of his subsequent photographic practice. After gaining a diploma in Photography from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (1997) and a period working as a magazine photographer, Roberts has spent the past decade dedicated to long-term self-generated projects. Often employing expansive landscape photographs, his approach is one of creating wide-ranging surveys of our time, which communicate on important social, economic and political issues.

About the workshop

The Alt. +1000 workshop took place in the charming village of Rossinière. The workshop is an intense experience lasting five days. It welcomed a maximum of 10 participants, ensuring personal attention for each person.

The workshop was dedicated to professional or amateur participants who are interested in traditional or experimental landscape photography. Taking into account individual level and needs, Simon Roberts encouraged everyone to look, critique and develop their ideas and approaches to image making. The workshop encouraged creativity and benefit from the great experience of a master photographer. During the day, participants  discovered and photographed the Rossinière area. In the evening, everybody gathered for dinner, where they shared their experiences.

One student from a Swiss Photography School benefited from the support of the Engelberts Foundation for the Arts and Culture, partner of the Alt. +1000 festival.

The 2013 workshop was held from August 26 to 29, 2013.

Alt+1000 Workshop Simon Roberts

Alt+1000 Workshop Simon Roberts

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WORKSHOP 2013 Terms&Conditions

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Workshop 2012

From August 20th to 23rd 2012, the Alt. +1000 festival organized a workshop with the highly-acclaimed documentary photographer Simon Norfolk. The workshop took place in the charming village of Rossinière, located in the Swiss Alps. Over four days, participants were invited to explore and photograph the area around Rossinière, particularly at night, in order to discover the different aspects of working with light: ‘As a landscape photographer, the light itself is the most important part of the story telling. Finding light is what I spend most of my time on when I’m in the field’. Simon Norfolk accompanied each participant according to their level and needs and encouraged them to develop their vision, critical point of view, ideas and technical skills.

About Simon Norfolk

Simon Norfolk (1963) is a landscape photographer whose work, over the last 10 years, has been themed around the meaning of the word ‘battlefield’ in all its forms. Far from snapshots of war, he seeks to document another reality: the traces left by conflicts on the natural and built environment. If Simon Norfolk is interested in war, it is in its capacity of structuring the landscape. The feeling of peacefulness that, despite the devastation, emerges from his images and their careful composition sometimes give Simon Norfolk’s work a resemblance to a painting by Nicolas Poussin or Claude Lorrain, including the photographer in the great tradition of landscape.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Simon Norfolk now lives in Brighton on the south coast of England. His work is internationally recognized and he has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Prix Dialogue at the Rencontres d’Arles, the Infinity Prize of the International Center of Photography in New York and the Foreign Press Club of America Award.