2011 Edition


10 shows, 40 artists and international synergies

Which mountains are we talking about ?

Olaf Otto Becker, artist-in-residence ; a competition open to emerging photographers ; works of the students of the Royal College of Art in London ; and treasures of 19th-century photography…

In the desire to create international synergies, Alt.+1000 is collaborating with the Royal College of Art, London, one of the world’s most renowned schools.  Students from the department of photography have been invited to present an artwork for the festival. Switzerland’s unspoiled nature, the man-altered mountain – a concept that has sparked the imaginations of generations of English tourists since the 19th century – will thus be interpreted by young artists who live far from a mountainous environment, in the heart of a great metropolis.

Alt.+1000 will also invite other internationally known artists to complete this representation of the mountain. In this way Swiss and foreign photographers – emergent and established in their career – will tackle themes as varied as mountain landscapes, unspoilt nature, the constructed mountain (even fake!) , the mountain as a symbol of identity, the mountain and the sublime. Their work will show, through a mixture of methods, that the paths between reality and fiction are more confused than ever before.

Artists exhibited

Olivo Barbieri, Italy
Olaf Otto Becker, Germany
Justine Blau, Luxembourg
Marion Burnier, Switzerland
Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, France
Susan E. Evans, USA
Francis Frith, UK
Matthieu Gafsou, France-Switzerland
Anne Golaz, Switzerland
Stéphanie Gygax, Switzerland
Michael Najjar, Germany
Daniel Shea, USA
Studio A (Daniel Sommer / Roman Seiler), Switzerland
Awoiska Van der Molen, the Netherlands

Artists exhibited (Royal College of Art)

Jinkyun Ahn, South Korea
Fatma Bucak, Turkey
Lola Bunting, UK
Jola Dolewska, Poland
Bryan Dooley, UK
David Edwards, UK
Alice Evans, UK
Natalija Gormalova, Latvia
Margarida Gouveia, Portugal
Damian Griffiths, UK
Michael Hammond, UK
Eugenia Ivanissevich, Argentina
Ute Klein, Germany
Gabrielle Le Bayon, France
Theo Nideröst, UK
Simone Rowat, Canada-Germany
Abi Sidebotham, UK
James Smith, UK
Nick Smith, UK
Terry Smith, UK
Bjørn Venø, Norway
Lizzie Vickery, Canada
Tereza Zelenkova, Czech Republic