Focus on Delphine Gatinois

Expo de Rossinière 2015

Delphine Gatinois is one of the 5 prize-winners of the Alt. +1000 competition in 2015. Her work “Les Génies” is on display in the barn of La Frasse until 21 September. As the Festival nears its end, the artist talks to us about her work and her project.

Alt. +1000 What is the relationship between “Les Génies” and the idea of territory, the theme of this year’s Festival?

Delphine Gatinois In “Les Génies”, territory has its orginal meaning, something defined by limits and frontiers.  In the African countries I worked in the transition between urban space and the natural environment doesn’t just depend on the setting or on lifestyle. 

Geography obviously has a role to play in this transition, but the intangible shift to mystic and historical places also influences your perception of the land. Crossing these boundaries, where the real and unreal blur together, is as much about feelings, legends and the supernatural. As an artist, I play with the visible and invisible elements of these ill-defined but special places.

Delphine Gatinois is currently in Senegal, where she is working on her latest piece, “Les Porteurs”: “Considering the important status of the horse in the Koran, and looking at horse-riding equipment as an indicator of social position throughout the centuries, I conceived and constructed different outfits as talismans”.

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