Official Partner

The 2013 Alt. +1000 festival received funding from the Swiss Confederation, from the canton de Vaud, from the Fonds d’équipement touristique Pays-d’Enhaut, from Pays d’Enhaut Tourisme and from the Loterie Romande.

The Alt. +1000 festival wasn’t possible without financial support from the Sandoz Foundation, Le Cèdre Foundation, Ernst Göhner Foundation and Coromandel Foundation. The festival also benefitted from the support of MEO design & communicationMémoire vive and GoldenPass.

The Alt. +1000 festival would like to thank the Alliance culturelle Obersimmental/Sannenland/Pays-d’Enhaut, Luce MS, and the Embassy of Mexico.

The Alt. +1000 festival is associated with Payot Libraire, Nature & Découvertes, and with Jardin des Monts.